What can ShieldTrade do for you?

ShieldTrade do for you

ShieldTrade is a web software that can help almost every crypto investor.

What type of investor are you?

HODLERS.   Up to 2 Trades/m

Hodlers are long time investor

They are crypto evangelists who believe digital currencies will go up in the long run. They hold crypto rather than selling it and, on average, they do less than 2 trades per month.

Portfolio Tracking will synchronize your wallets across different exchanges and save you a lot of time and effort.

With a few clicks, you can control your portfolio’s historical value and composition, see which crypto is adding value to your investment, and monitor volatility.

HODLERS.   2 to 5 Trades/m

Traders are medium/long time investors.

Traders believe cryptocurrency value will increase in the long term, they like to change their portfolio composition and bet on new ICO. Sometimes they lock in profits. Traders are likely to keep their coins in more than one exchange. and trade 2 to 5 times per month.

Track&shield will allow you to effectively monitor your investment and professionally shield your portfolio. Just instruct Shieldtrade to send you an alert and/or automatically convert 100% ( or 75% or 50%) of your BTC wallet in USD if the price drops below a certain level.

Coin markets are volatile and open 24/7. An automated stop loss is an essential part of traders’ activity.

HEAVY TRADERS / SCALPERS   More than 5 Trades/m

Heavy Traders are short/medium time investors.

They love the crypto world, but they mainly consider it as a quick way to make money. On average they do more than 5 trades per month, with scalpers being the most aggressive group, with more than 60 trades per month.

Active Track&Shield + will increase your trading toolbox. Smart trade, automated stop loss or take profit, trilling take profit, position scaling, martingale, etc. will become a familiar strategy.

Make your trading more profitable with algo trading automation.

ALGO TRADERS / PROFESSIONALS   Depending on the strategy

Algo Traders and professionals might have different time horizons.

They fully understand the benefit of algo trading. They did some research and they know Hedge Found and big banks have been doing algotrading for decades on traditional markets. They usually don’t have coding skills.

The active Trading system will make planning, building, backtesting, and running an automated trading strategy for your crypto assets a very easy job.